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效率 生活
开发 Andreas Ritter, bytestrom.eu
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Tickers for your iPhone or iPod Touch is a great way to send short messages across a noisy room. Just write your message and rotate your device to landscape mode. The text will start scrolling the across the screen in big letters like a marquee.
You can manage a large number of tickers in a list and active the appropriate one in a second. So you can be prepared for every situation. Additionally you can set the text color, background color and speed for every ticker individually.

Imagine you are at a crowded concert and you want to find your friends: Just hold up your device and wait for them seeing your message. Or you are at the disco and want to appeal to someone in a special way, just use Tickers.

Use Tickers everywhere: Where its to loud to talk, where you have to stay silent or where you want to draw some attention to you.

Never shout again. Use Tickers!